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Saturday, August 13, 2016

SUCCESS Story of Sugavanam Natarajan

SUCCESS Story of Sugavanam Natarajan
  • CEO and Chief Strategic Consultant for SUGA Group - SUGA Employment Services, SUGA Green Services, SUGA Consulting Services
  • Doing Tree Planting from College Days
  • Worked in Department of Telecom for 5 years
  • Worked in Govt. Insurance Company for 14 years
  • Worked in Software Industry for 10+ years
  • Visited and implemented software in Three countries
  • Implemented more than 25 Software Projects all over the world
  • Visiting Faculty and Guest Lecturer for 50+ colleges
  • Developed 500+ Client Companies for HR & Placement Services
  • Business Consultant for Client Companies
  • Conducting Training for Client Companies
  • Having contact with 25000+ people all over the world in Social Networking like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ , Blogs and other Social Medias
  • Published 100+ Video clippings in Youtube and having 82000+ viewers
  • Done 4 Post Graduation and various Computer Diplomas
  • Fellowship from Insurance Institute of India
  • One of the Founder and Patron for TreeBank
  • Participated in various Tree Planting Program including “Green Kalam Project”
  • Associated with Isha Yoga – Project Green Hands for Tree Planting and Tree sapling donations
  • Participated with Exnora for Tree planting and Garbage Management Activities


  1. Very much inspiring profile. Along with the Technical and Domain capabilities, admiring about the Social Responsibility programs such as Tree Planting.

  2. Sugavanam is like Encyclopedia.
    Different thinker than any other i met.
    He always focus on small things which makes bigger difference.
    I am happy to associate with him and learn lot.

    First and fore most , how to laugh with pleasant smile where others feel very happy after talking few mins with him.

  3. Great Inspiration for anyone who read this profile

  4. Great Inspiration for anyone who read this profile