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Friday, August 21, 2015

Sugavanam N - Skills and capabilities Developed by experience in Insurance Software Development & Consulting

 Sugavanam N - Skills and capabilities Developed by experience in Insurance Software Development & Consulting  

·                     Developed a good expertise in Insurance (Non-Life) Domain and Software Development Analytical skills for Insurance Domain.
·                     Strategic consulting & Analysis, Algorithm Building for the Insurance Domain Business Process Flow
·                     Functional Consulting to Business Process Modeling in Insurance Domain
·                     Solution Architecture for Insurance Software Components
·                     Componentized Architecture for Underwriting & Policy Management, Claims Management, Reinsurance Management, Accounts Management, Investment Management
·                     Computer Knowledge and Skills developed in the following areas:
·                     OS: OS/390, JCL, MS Windows, UNIX, MSDOS
·                     Languages:  C, C++, BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN
·                     Front End:  Visual Basic, Developer 2000
·                     Back End:  Oracle, DB2, MS Access 2000
·                     DBMS:  FoxPro, FoxBASE, Dbase
·                     MS Office: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordStar, Lotus123
·                     Positive and Innovative Thinking for Solution Derivation for Software Development
·                     Generating new ideas for all the improved possibilities for Software Development in Insurance Domain Area.
·                     Good in Team Spirit and Team Activities
·                     Resource Planning for all Insurance Functional activities
·                     Performed the following Functional Activities in Financial Services in Insurance Domain for Insurance Projects:
·                     Business Requirements Document
-          Preparation
-          Knowledge Transfer
·                     Functional Specifications
-          Knowledge acquisition and Preparation
-          Maintenance
-          Knowledge Transfer (Developer Meets, Pseudo Code Review etc.)
·                     Issue Register Maintenance (Functionality)
·                     Requirement Trace-ability Matrix (BRD/FS/ SIT Functionality Mapping)
·                     Functionality Change Management
       -  Knowledge acquisition
       -  Knowledge Transfer
·                     Unit Testing (Functionality) - Review of Test Results / Prototypes
·                     Functionality Testing (FT) for all deliverables including individual work units and Integrated System (SIT)
      -     Preparation of Test Cases
      -     Review of Test Results
      -     Review of Test Results; Review of System Integration Test (SIT) Fixes.
     -           Preparation of Test Cases
     -           Execution of Test Cases
     -           Review of Test Results
     -           Review of SIT Fixes.
·                     Final Inspection
·                     User Acceptance Test (UAT) Support
     -            Functional Support for UAT Fixes
·                     User Manual  
     -           Preparation
     -           Review (Functionality)
·                     User Training
·                     Production Support Activities (Functionality)
     -           Analysis
     -           Documentation
     -           Knowledge Transfer
·                     Process Documentation (Functionality)
     -           Analysis
     -           Documentation

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