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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Highlights about Sugavanam Natarajan

Highlights about Sugavanam Natarajan

  • Doing Tree Planting from College Days
  • Worked in Department of Telecom for 5 years
  • Worked in Govt. Insurance Company for 14 years
  • Worked in Software Industry for 10+ years
  • Visited and implemented software in Three countries
  • Implemented more than 25 Software Projects all over the world
  • Visiting Faculty and Guest Lecturer for 40+ colleges
  • Developed 400+ Client Companies for HR & Placement Services
  • Business Consultant for Client Companies
  • Conducting Training for Client Companies
  • Having contact with 15000+ people all over the world in Social Networking like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ , Blogs and other Social Medias
  • Published 80+ Video clippings in Youtube and having 15000+ viewers
  • Done 4 Post Graduation and various Computer Diplomas
  • Fellowship from Insurance Institute of India
  • One of the Founder and Patron for TreeBank
  • Participated in various Tree Planting Program including “Green Kalam Project”
  • Associated with Isha Yoga – Project Green Hands for Tree Planting and Tree sapling donations
  • Participated with Exnora for Tree planting and Garbage Management Activities


  1. A Great AChiver and allthe day busy bee. keep all happy and lively. good luck

  2. What an wonder full profile.!! You deserve all the best in evry thing. A lovable person and humanist and tree lover. good luck