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Monday, November 22, 2010

Member of Strategic Opportunities Response Team (SORT) (Pre-Sales Activities) in Covansys (now CSC)

• Prepared Responses to Customers and Prospects for the Request for Proposals in Insurance Domain

• Pre-Sales Support to Covansys Global Offices in Insurance Domain Projects

• Formed Strategic Operations to be adopted to achieve more Projects in Insurance Domain to Covansys.

• Participated in Clients Meeting to explain about various Insurance Domain Project Achievements and Track Records that happened in Covansys.

• Responsibilities

a. Implemented an effective RFP Response Process

b. Developed a Knowledge Base to help assemble Proposals in a short time to help reduce Sales Cycle

c. Prepared Guidelines and Templates for different types of Proposals

d. Made better measurement and control of Response Life Cycle and Post Response Tracking

e. Improved the quality of the responses to RFP /RFI Streamline and standardize Solution Handling

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